John Masters Organics 100% Argan Oil

100% Argan Oil

Brand: John Masters Organics

ID: #19081

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  • A nourishing & nurturing oil for both hair & skin.
  • Harvested & produced in Morocco by hand in the Argan forest.
  • Seals in moisture while adding instant shine to skin & hair.
  • Regulates frizzy hair & repairs split ends .
  • Minimizes the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines & blemishes.
  • Skin & hair appear suppler & more flexible.


Barcode: 669558600355
Original name 100% Argan Oil
Sold for a year 329
Type of hair and scalp Split , Fluffy , Damaged
Type of hair products Oil
Desired effect Hydration , Damage restoration

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11 Review(s)

4.5 / 5

Reviews (11)

user avatar

Argan oil is best. Pure organ oil is so good. It mixes with any cream. It could apply to body or face and it eliminates fine lines. Have been using it for years.

user avatar
Khing Chuah

nothing special. An alright product but you are paying premium.

user avatar
Teresa Jiu

John Masters Organics Argan Oil. Suitable for hair and body! Smells great too.

user avatar
Maricel Bautista

nice. I love this for body massage

user avatar

Love this. So I got a free sample of the Josie Moran 100% Pure Argan Oil from Mecca, and tried it out. I have dry skin with excess sebum production around my nose, and a little on my chin. I liked it, although it wasn't anything special. It's also $75 for 50ml which is a little overpriced for me. I think it's so expensive just because it's Josie Moran. So I googled around and happened to find this product, and I was so glad I did! 60ml for $58 is a decent price for an organic, high quality product. It's perfect for my skin type, and I am hoping to see a balance in sebum production after using it daily for a few weeks.The bottle is beautiful and I love the dropper, I only use about 5 drops for my whole face. A dropper is superior to a pump when it comes to facial oils. It gives my skin a beautiful glow, and in the morning my skin looked beautiful. I think it would be perfect combined with rosehip oil. Perfect product x

user avatar
Monika Pawłuszkiewicz

John Masters Organics Olejek arganowy. GREAT PRODUCT VERY fast shipping

user avatar
Nikola Selby

argan oil. use this at night on my hair, but didn't like it on my face

user avatar
L.J. Exley

John Masters Argan Oil. I used it a couple of times at bedtime and my face felt great in the morning. I like that it is organic and will be sure to purchase this again.

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Anonymous user

Love it!. What can I say? This is just a fantastic product. Use it on your skin or in your hair. Just try it!

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Марина Лапшина

Отчичное масло. Отличное масло, большой флакон, экономичное, был внутренний прыщ постепенно рассасывается, кожа напитана. В интернете много хороших рекомендаций по использованию данного масла, маски, можно просто наносить на очищенную кожу вместо ночного крема. Дороговато правда, но и оно и не должно быть дешёвым.

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