Sisley Express Flower Gel -22%

Express Flower Gel

Brand: Sisley

ID: #17419

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  • An instant flower gel mask.
  • Deeply purifies every trace of impurities.
  • Drenches skin with moisture immediately.
  • Effectively protects skin from moisture loss.
  • Creates a brighter, more radiant-looking glow.
  • Use 2 or 3 times a week.


Barcode: 3473311420008
Original name Express Flower Gel
Sold for a year 249
Skin type Normal , Dry , Problem , For all skin types
Type products for the face and body Mask , Gel
Tool properties Skin lightening , Hydration of the skin , Cleansing
Aroma Floral

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12 Review(s)

4.2 / 5

Reviews (12)

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Amy Woe

I'm in my 30s and my normal skin soaks up this mask very quick but it doesnt elevate the hydration level after wash off with water. I think its more suitable for girls in the 20s

user avatar
match ng

Tea tastes very special, very good, will repurchase

user avatar
Melanie García

Love ittttttt

user avatar
Grace Yi

I use this every day as a leave-on moisturizer after steam showering in the morning. Leaves my skin bright and refreshed, feeling great!

user avatar
Michelle Lees

Like most Sisley products I've tried, this is incredible & I would use all the time if it weren't so expensive! I found it works best if you apply it before going to bed; the following day your skin is really hydrated, soft and glowing. It also feels really nice and soothing, it's like a light cooling gel texture & really refreshing and hydrating for dry skin.

user avatar

Very good mask. Highly recommend!

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Yan Chen

I live in a very dry weathered place and this mask help my skin to stay moisturized. I use it before going to bed and next morning my skin always feel supple and tightened.

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April Chye

This is an amazing hydrating mask, leave it on for 3 minutes (minimum) and skin is left super hydrated. I like to leave it on for longer, because it feels like I'm getting more of my money's worth (this mask isn't cheap), but 3 minutes is really all you need. It's great as a pick me up when your skin is feeling a bit parches or looking dull. Even better, exfoliate with the brand's gentle buffing cream before trying this mask on.

user avatar
Michael Kang

One of the thing I like about sisley mask is that many of them does not require a very long time. This one what it is supposed to do and it is so convenient to do the mask. The scent is also not too strong but comforting enough.

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Catherine Zhang

very good to use, all seasons and easy to apply. Skin is hydrated

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