Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye -12%

Midnight Recovery Eye

Brand: Kiehl's

Brand Line: Kiehl's Midnight Recovery

ID: #46869

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  • A replenishing overnight eye concentrate.
  • With a creamy, rapid-dissolving texture.
  • Features a 99.8% naturally-derived & formula.
  • Contains essential oils & botanicals for rejuvenating benefits.
  • Remarkably banishes the appearance of fine lines, puffiness & dark circles.
  • Unveils a sleeker, more vigorous & younger looking eye area.
  • Free of paraben, fragrance, mineral oil or silicone.


Barcode: 3605975086881
Original name Midnight Recovery Eye
Sold for a year 317
Type products for the face and body Seerumin
Tool properties Hydration of the skin , Smoothing effect , Anti-aging effect , Dark circles

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8 Review(s)

4.2 / 5

Reviews (8)

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Lavinia Chang

Light and quick absorption. I quite light this eye cream. It has a light texture and absorption seems quite fast. In terms of results, I can't say I've noticed anything visibly different.

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Kyle Tse

not bad. I am happy with its texture and it keeps my skin stay hydrating through the night.

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Anonymous user

Хорошее восстановление для молодой кожи. Крем нежирный, легко тает и впитывается. Имеет приятный и ненавящевый аромат.

Несмотря на заявленный состав, чудес от него ждать не стоит. Но для молодой кожи без видимых возрастных изменений-прекрасное решение для ночного увлажнения и восстановления кожи под глазами. Утром кожа отдохнувшая и мягкая.

Расход минимальный. Много не наносите, во избежание утренней припухлости под глазами.

Средство отличное, но для 35+ можно поискать другое.

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Trialed & Tested

Recover my eyes...... One of my top 5 favorite products from Kiehl's I can't do without

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Ngoc Le

Great!. Very good product for eye treatment. After using 3 weeks I feel dark circle under my eyes are going out. I love this item, I can use it everynight in my skincare routine

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Ann Xu

love it. Smells and feels really nice on the skin, it absorbs super fast.

user avatar
Rita K

Midnight Recovery Eye. Having used this product for 8 years. Very gentle and relaxing for night use. Good product.

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Maria Sesun

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye. I am constantly looking for the cream to help reduce under eye bags at my tender age (over 60). I am using this product over month and start to see improvement now. Skin is soft and hydrated and bags are less prominent. I am hopping one morning soon they will be all gone.

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