Kevyn Aucoin The Curling Mascara

The Curling Mascara

Brand: Kevyn Aucoin

Brand Line: Kevyn Aucoin The Curling Mascara

ID: #71303

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The Curling Mascara # Black

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  • With a pitch black, shrink-wrapping formula.
  • Helps pull lashes apart & up for a separated, thick & curled finish.
  • Will not overload lashes or make them feeling brittle & dry.
  • Packaged in a sleek tube with a traditional application brush.


Sold for a year 742
Type of make-up Mascara
The types of mascara Curling

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26 Review(s)

4.1 / 5

Reviews (26)

user avatar
Aaron Thoeun

This and the Volume Mascara are the only mascaras I've ever tried that do not smudge or transfer

user avatar
Caley Andrews

I’ll never buy another mascara.

user avatar
Jessica Raines

pretty good. Its pretty good, prefer the chanticelle tho

user avatar
Elea Williamson

Kevin aucoin. I absolutely love this mascara. It comes off easily with no black panda eyes. Whilst giving long luscious lashes.

user avatar
Natalie Tay

Favourite Mascara. Love this product. I use daily and it lasts me 2 months. It comes off in sheaths and doesn't smudge during the day. You can also build this product up on your lashes to create longer lashes.

user avatar

One of the best. I love Kevyn Aucoin mascara. I love that it stays in place all day, does not clump, and comes off with water. I find the curling brush good for evenings.

user avatar
Eugenie Saunders

My favourite mascara. While this mascara does not do anything to curl my lashes, I absolutely love it! It lasts all day, doesn't smudge or create dark shadows under my eyes, and comes off easily with just water.

user avatar
Christina Sophocleous

Best mascara. Amazing. No clumps, removes in warm water.. Highly recommend.

user avatar
Kim Burke

Absolutely amazing. I love this mascara!!!! It is really black and adds great length. I especially love how it comes off, no smudging or black eyes. Just a little water and you can gently pull it off your lashes with no rubbing. Definitely repurchasing this one.

user avatar
Peta Martin

Great concept but .... I love this mascara for the first two weeks however for me it always dries around two weeks after opening and becomes flaky like many other mascaras and exactly like this one promises not to be. I still use it and have bought many tubes as at least while it does flake it doesn't leave black panda eyes.

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