Christian Dior Diorshow Mascara Waterproof

Diorshow Mascara Waterproof

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Diorshow Mascara Waterproof # 698 Chesnut 11.5ml/0.38oz

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  • A waterproof version for long-lasting effect.
  • Effectively thickens, prolongs & curves lashes.
  • Gives your lashes fullness, length & volume.
  • A must-have item for creating a glamorous look.


Sold for a year 180
Type of make-up Mascara
The types of mascara The volume , Elongation , Curling

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25 Review(s)

4.0 / 5

Reviews (25)

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Wendy Florence

I've found it really hard to find a non-smudge mascara that lasts for the whole day. I had high hopes for this one, but alas - it does smudge.

user avatar
Romina Barrales

favorite mascara. after years of trying different mascaras, this one is the best for me.

user avatar
Anusheel Bhan

The perfect mascara. My HG mascara, I tried other Dior mascaras after this and other brands, always come back to this. I do think the formula is a little different now or maybe because this is my first time using the waterproof one but the only con it had was that it was a little heavy and eventually weighs the lashes down but this one doesn't do that at all. And doesn't destroy your lashes while taking it off either.

user avatar
Mel Robinson

I have purchased this item twice now and to be honest for the money I really don't think it's all that. The two I have used are clumpy and don't apply that well

user avatar
Michelle Temple

Christian Doir Mascara waterproof. Nice to use Goes on real easy and dosnt smudge

user avatar
Yael Bar

dior mascara is my win!. the best i ever used

user avatar
Alexis Wentworth-Sheilds

Doesn't work. Bought this for when I take my kids swimming, and it smudges before I even get in the pool. It worse than my normal mascara.

user avatar

Ok not the best mascara ever used. For the price, I expected a better product. I spend most of the day wiping off the panda marks under my eyes. It is a good colour but for a waterproof mascara I would've expected it to stay on my lashes rather than transfer to my under eyes all day long. Benefit mascara (any of them) are better products.

user avatar
JoJo McGlade

Good mascara. Have used before and quite like it. Volumising, lengthening. Good coverage. Haven't tested the waterproof factor out yet though but it does seem to stay on well

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fiona cooksley

Best Mascara Ever. This mascara doesn't clump. It lengthens and gives my lashes more volume than any other mascara has. My ultimate fave.

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