Freeze 24/7 Freeze & Go Instant Smoother & Brightener -81%

Freeze & Go Instant Smoother & Brightener

Brand: Freeze 24/7

ID: #39269

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  • An instant skin-smoothing & illuminating treatment.
  • Formulated with plant extracts to brighten & plump skin instantly.
  • Effectively minimizes the appearance of skin imperfections & enlarged pores.
  • Softens fine lines, wrinkles, furrows & crow's feet.
  • Highlights & contours eyes, brow bones & cheek bones.
  • Absorbs excess oil & invigorates tired, dull skin on contact.
  • Shields skin against free radicals & environmental aggressors.
  • Features a portable design for optimal convenience.
  • Reveals a refined, flawless & youthful looking complexion.


Barcode: 879173002520
Original name Freeze & Go Instant Smoother & Brightener
Sold for a year 101
Tool properties Skin lightening , Hydration of the skin , Smoothing effect , Anti-aging effect , Control oily skin , Against the skin pores

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3.7 / 5

Reviews (12)

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Heidi Leeson

Unfortunately I found this product a bit drying (I have normal to combination skin) and had not effect at all on the fine lines around my eyes. I get a much better effect by using an eye white mask to be honest! Disappointed and would not buy again.

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Linda Hannan

Freeze and Go has a lovely range and this is no exception. Before applying foundation, just put on a small amount and your skin feels so nice and smooth. Lovely to use and a real treat.

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I really didn’t like this product and went back to Laura Mercier

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שירה ויצמן

Don’t understand what this product does. Didn ‘t notice any change after using it on wrinkles and on pigmentation areas. Won’t buy again.

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Beverley McKauge

I have found this product to be perfect for filling fine lines and would certainly recommend it for that purpose

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Haven't used this much yet, but on the few occasions I have it has been instant - really good as a make-up primer.

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This product gives an instant result, yet it doesn't last. Also even with the slightest amount of access it still builds up and shows

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Pauline Watanabe

This is very good as a primer, as it smooths everything, beautifully, before putting on make up Love the consistency

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miriam aharoni

although was a little skeptical to promised effect, tried it on just ot see what happens- and walla, I saw the results.

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Приятная основа под макияж, пара минусов - сильная отдушка и маленький размер

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