Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara

High Impact Curling Mascara

Brand: Clinique

Brand Line: Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara

ID: #70233

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High Impact Curling Mascara # 01 Black

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  • A powerful mascara for striking effects.
  • Creates exceptional long, thick & curly lashes .
  • No pulling, tugging or tearing when applied.
  • Long wearing for smudge, flake, smear resistant.
  • Features an arched wand that lifts each single lash.


Sold for a year 718
Type of make-up Mascara
The types of mascara Curling

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27 Review(s)

4.4 / 5

Reviews (27)

user avatar
Fiona Boyle

Clinique ultra curling mascarra. Wonderful mascarra, washes off in clumps with warm water, no smudges highly recommend it

user avatar
Annely Me

Tubing mascara! Remove with WARM WATER only!!. I love tubing mascaras and haven't used a regular one in years. I do not know what a smudged mascara is anymore, it's just not a thing with a tubing mascara as it coats your eyelash with a "tube" and is removed by warm water which slides the "tube" off your eyelash. Don't bother with make up remover. The mascara stays wonderfully in place, no smugding or flaking even when you cry.

user avatar
Judith Cross

Mascara. This has a great shaped wand, love this product

user avatar
Katina Irani

Kat. Great for curling and lengthening all at once.

user avatar

Love this mascara. It doesn't run or smudge and looks natural. I wear it everyday and flakes off if I don't remove with make up remover.

user avatar
Noelle Fletcher

I liked the brush shape. the curved brush is great and does make it an easier application.

user avatar
Hayley Stewart

Best ever mascara for look and no smudge. I'm 53 years old and have tried many mascaras over the years. This is the best by far. I have average eyelashes and hooded eyes; so my mascara tends to smudge as the lashes are close to the skin. This mascara NEVER smudges... ever. I can even swim. I put two coats on; and it looks thick and stays in place all day. Usual eye makeup removers don't work... but you do not need them! Simply soak the corner of a facecloth in warm water and hold to the lashes for two minutes. The mascara comes away 'in bits'. No mess on facecloth either! Best ever.

user avatar

A bit cloggy after just a couple of uses. I found that this became clogged up after a just a few uses leaving blobs on my lashes. Their basic mascara is best.

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Iuliia M.

How to take it off?. While it gives a nice curl and holds it throughout the day, it is quite difficult to take it off. I use oil first to take the makeup off and then second cleanser just to get rid of the oily residue and refresh my skin. Both of them struggle with this mascara (only!). It feels like it wraps eyelashes creating a solid coat (if you know what I mean )))

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Meital Bar-Sela

One of my favorite Mascaras!. Good staying power, defines and curls really well. Like it and recommend it!

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